Thursday, March 18, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Wow - the last few weeks have been so busy!

February started out with a lot of traveling for work. I was out of the office 3-4 days a week visiting all of our locations throughout Florida. As much as I enjoy getting out of the office, playing catch up sucks :o) I'm the last man standing in my department so it's keeping me real busy.

I've been having a blast with my new camera!! I.LOVE.IT!!! I have no idea what I'm doing, or what most of the buttons, etc. mean, but I'm having fun experimenting with everything. I've taken a few basic classes and had a one-on-one with the instructor but I still have so much to learn.

Dad arrived in mid-February for his annual "boys spring break". He comes down every year for baseball spring training year and we did a lot of fun things while he was here...

We saw the Yankees vs Pirates

We saw our first Polo match

We spent some time at the beach for the drum circle

My brother KC came from Utah for a long weekend
and couldn't believe we had to bundle up for a Florida sunset!

Saturday, March 6th was our friend Adam's 5th anniversary in heaven. We started the day by having brunch at one of his favorite Florida beach bars.

We finished with a basketball game between the
USF Bulls and Adam's favorite UConn Huskies
We met up with KC and Adam's friend Scott
who brought along Adam's memorial card.
It's was almost like he was there with us.

Saturday morning at the market. Do they ever grow up???

And just because he is so stinkin cute....

Dad and his friends are gone. Things are quiet. And Duke is so sad that he has to stay home alone during the day :(

Time to clean the house, change the bed sheets and get ready for my next round of company!
My next guests will be here on Saturday. Aunt Beth, Uncle Joe and Liam!!
Can't wait to spend some time with my favorite six year old!


Special K said...

Looks like you've been having fun. But being on a beach with a scarf just doesn't seem right somehow. LOL!

Kris said...

all through my state- probably a bit colder than you were expecting for florida, eh?

it's good so see you blog!

Polar Bear said...

Your pictures are so good!! LOVE the first one, and the last one ~ of course!!!

Glad you're having fun and keeping busy. It sure helps the time pass.

Enjoy your next round of visitors!!