Thursday, February 19, 2009

Heading to CT

This has been a crazy busy week at work but bright and early tomorrow morning I will be on my way to CT to see my sister!

There hasn't been much change in how she is feeling - still dizzy, unsteady on her feet and sounding like she is getting frustrated. She had another MRI earlier this week and there is still blood in her brain. They said it can take several weeks for it to dissipate. They also told her that she will need surgery. This whole situation sucks!

I hate that this happened to her.
I hate that she's not feeling better.
I hate that she will need surgery to repair whatever ruptured.
I hate that it's taken me two weeks to finally get to go up to see her.

But most of all...I hate that I am so far away.

I guess I'm just a "hater" right now :o(

I can't wait to see her and give her a big hug!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Prayers answered!!

Katie is home! They released her from the hospital today. They don't know what caused the stroke as she is only 36 years old and in perfect health. There does not seem to be any neurological damage and other than still having a headache, she is doing great!

The phone call from my mom telling me what had happened was the worst thing that I have ever experienced. I have never felt so scared and helpless in all my life. I was in Florida and Katie was in Connecticut and all I wanted was to be there by her side. I knew how I was feeling after hearing the news so I couldn't even imagine how she felt.

Imagine someone telling you "Your brain is bleeding. You need to go to the emergency room. NOW. By ambulance because we can't waste any time". It makes me cry just typing that. I love my sister so much. Not only are we sisters but she is my best friend. She knows everything about me. We have been through a lot together and she has been my rock during this long adoption process.

The emails and prayers from people I don't even know amazed me. I believe in prayer. I've seen miracles happen with my Aunt and now with my sister and I thank God she is ok.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Prayer Request

My mom called me tonight to tell me that my sister Katie was in the hospital. She was having terrible headaches and when she got to school this morning (she is a teacher) her principle noticed something was "off" and sent her home. Katie went to see her doctor who in turn sent her for a CAT scan. They found bleeding on her brain and immediately sent her to the emergency room. After having an MRI and running all kinds of tests, they have determined that she had a hemorrhagic stroke. The bleeding is too deep in her brain to do any kind of surgery and at this point they don't know what has caused it. She will get the results of the MRI tomorrow morning.

If anyone out there is reading this - please, please, please pray for my sister Katie. She is my very best friend and I need for her to be ok.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

29 Down....

29 months = 884 days waiting to be a mom. No end in sight.

Another month has come and gone

and I don't feel any closer than I did when I started.