Monday, October 26, 2009

Documentary Screening

This past Saturday my local FCC, and Dr. Tony Tan from the USF College of Education, hosted a screening of a documentary on China adoptions. The documentary was filmed and produced by Dr. Changfu Chang, a Chinese professor and film maker from Pennsylvania. Both professors were born in China and have spent many years studying adoptions on Chinese children.

The documentary is called Long Wait For Home and it really is a must have for all families that adopt from China. It started off by profiling three birth families who told of their reasons for abandoning their child. It was heart wrenching to hear their stories - all three of them very different.

Then, Dr. Chang and his team were able to get footage inside an orphanage. They interviewed several of the nanny's and were able to give us a glimpse as to what life in a Chinese orphanage is really like. It was amazing and at this point I don't think there was a dry eye in the room.

Lastly, they interviewed several demographics of people in China and asked them their views on foreigners coming to China and adopting their children. Some people just had no clue and other's were very appreciative. It was eye opening.

I purchased all six of his DVD's. I feel that any insight that I will be able to give to my daughter will be worth the cost.

Most people that attended were already home with their children. They couldn't believe that I've been waiting for over three years already and still have no idea when I'll get a referral. If one more person told me that they only waited six months I was seriously going to hit them.

After the movie ended there was a Q & A session. Obviously, the first question asked was "are there really fewer babies being abandoned?" Dr. Changs answer was interesting. In short, his answer was NO. He explained it like this:

China has a population of 1.3 billion people
There are an estimated 10 million marriages per year
1/2 of those couples will get pregnant and have a baby
1% of those couples will adandon their child
That equals approximately 50,000 babies per year

So where are they? According to Dr. Chang, they are there. He has seen them. His thoughts are that they have been moved from the orphanages that participate in international adoption to the domestic orphanages in the poorer, smaller towns. This was China's way of "saving face". The fact that the rest of the world was coming to "save their children" because they could not take care of them, did not sit well with the Chinese government. Again, this is his theory. He does not believe that China will shut down the IA program but he does not expect the wait times to decrease.

I'm so glad that I went and was able to learn more about the possible circumstances that my daughter may face before I even meet her. Dr. Chang speaks at many FCC events throughout the year. I highly recommend any adoptive parent or family member to attend if he should come to a location near you.


a Tonggu Momma said...

Very interesting to hear Dr. Tan's views. We saw this movie at an FCC event last year... and Dr. Chang was there to answer questions. I agree, it is a MUST. We own this DVD as well as several of his other ones.

Special K said...

Hmmm... interesting answers from the doc about his theory on the wait. Glad you enjoyed the event.

Polar Bear said...

This is very interesting. I am going to have to look into this video.

I wish there was an FCC club around here.

Thanks for sharing!

Rhonda said...

I'm glad you shared this. It is interesting, indeed.

Polar Bear said...

Just stopping over to say hi!
Hope all is going well with you during this crazy, busy time of year.

This may sound strange, but I woke up thinking about you this morning. I'm not sure why, but wanted to check in. :o)