Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So, when the announcement came out last week from JCICS that effective 12/1/2009 all adoptive families must be registered with a Hague accredited agency, I emailed my agency. They are not Hague accredited and I wanted to know how this would affect me. They of course had no idea. They suck.

They sent an email a few days later stating that they "believe" that the dossiers for their China families are ok and we have nothing to worry about. I'm sorry, WHAT? You believe that I'm ok? Um, yea, that's not good enough.

I emailed back and asked if I could get it in writing from the other agency that I am ok and that there will not be any problems when my referral finally comes. I'm mean, based on the fact that you believe my dossier is ok, it shouldn't be a problem. Right? Their answer was "I am seeing what I can do". What the hell does that mean????

I finally called Martha who was in charge of my agency's China program at the time that I signed on with them. Did I mention that it wasn't until about six months after she left that my agency actually sent me a letter to tell me so? Whatever. She actually now works for the Hague accredited agency that my dossier was filed through. I called her and she reassured me that everything was fine.

After I vented, and said a few not-so-nice words about my agency, she told me to call her any time with any questions that I have. Pretty nice of her, huh? If only my agency made themselves so available.

I'm still don't feel 100% sure about everything. I'll give my agency a few more days, but I'm gonna be pissed if I can't get it in writing and I get screwed in December. Can you even imagine? Three years of being logged in, three times renewing my paperwork, three years of loving someone I don't even have to know in order to already love.

My agency SUCKS!!!!


a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, Suzie... I'm SO sorry. You are smart to get everything in writing.

Briana's Mom said...

Definitely get everything in writing!! Your agency sounds like it needs a kick in the pants!

Special K said...

Yep... they suck.

I e-mailed Angela on Weds after I e-mailed you. Asked her for it in writing. Still NOTHING from her. No response at all.

But I talked to Martha this afternoon who said she talked to BJ. She reassured me again. But I still think we should get it in writing and I explained to her why that was so important. She suggested we e-mail BJ and ask for reassurance. Their response would be our "in writing".

Not sure I'm real satisfied with that. Don't understand why if everything is all good ....why there can't be some official letter on official agency letterhead stating that. WTF?